Review: Suffer In Silence – Behind The Truth

Formed in Rimini, Italy in the autumn of 2002 Suffer In Silence was the new band of guitarist/singer Patrick Amati. They played a few shows but in 2004 the band split up. When the year 2005 was almost at its end, the band was back together with a different line-up. In 2010 they released their first full-length which was titled Brutal Realities. In 2013 The band became a one-man-band with live sessions for shows. December 2013, the band signs with Sliptrick Records and now they have their new album Behind The Truth released.

When you begin listening to the album one thing is sure, you are going to listen to some really raw, heavy death metal. But not raw, heavy death metal like you used to hear. The vocals, by example, are not only grunts, like most death metal, there’s also clean, industrialized singing and a sort of screaming. Of course there a grunts too. But not only the vocals are different from most death metal, there’s more. Like you have a lot of solo’s, I thought even that I at a moment hear an acoustic guitar. Also, where most death metal albums are a wall of sound from begin to end, this has sometimes a little bit of rest. The Sacrifice for example, track 5, is a relaxing moment to let you prepare for the next track King of Lies. This release contains 11 tracks with a total length of almost 38 minutes.

So, you are a fan of death metal that is a wall of sound from begin to end, then sure give this album a try, maybe you like, maybe you don’t. I think there are a lot of people who will like this album anyway. You are a death metal fan who can also listen to experimental things in music? Then enjoy this release for sure!

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