Interview: SoulHealer

You are SoulHealer. How did you come up with that name?
Teemu Kuosmanen: The story behind the name is quite simple: In our early days we decided to take part at the local battle of bands and we did have no name at the time. We needed the name and the name “SoulHealer” came up and that was it. No big philosophy or any greater good behind it but only simple and rememberable name that we started to use. So be it!
How did you guys form? What is the history of SoulHealer?
T.K.: We used to play in local cover bands and after many years walking that path we started to think there must be something else and more than this. There was a huge will to write own music and that´s how it started. At first we tried to do the music that really wasn’t our cup of tea and it felt wrong. Pretty soon the music turned out to be like it is today. Of course there has been natural evolution along the way and some small changes has happened but almost from the start our style has been like it is today.
You’re going to release Bear The Cross on October 17th, could you tell something about the album?
T.K.: It´s definitely a “classic” SoulHealer album. Guitars, catchy choruses and melodies can be found as before. Maybe we succeeded to bring also something new this time. The production of the album is maybe more modern comparing to previous Chasing the Dream. But everything went smooth and easy and we really did not try to change anything during the writing process. You must listen to our albums and maybe then you can say, what´s different this time. We have a strong feeling of the upcoming album and there´s nothing we would do different.
And about the lyrics, what do you sing about?
T.K.: Topics are varied. Sometimes they are realistic description of life but they can also be pure imagination. We write lyrics of things we see in our every day life and sometimes the inspiration may come from a movie or song. Maybe on Bear the Cross there´s more hope and even joy on some lyrics. But you may find pain and agony too haha.
You already released two full lengths and an EP. How do you see Bear The Cross compared to those earlier releases?
T.K.: We have played with this line-up about 50 gigs and for the first time every piece seems to be in the right place. That helped a lot writing the songs and also during the studio sessions. It makes a big deal if you really know your band mates and there´s a good spirit within a band. I´m sure it can be heard on Bear the Cross. As I said earlier, musically there may be some little new stuff but nothing really mind-exploding changes. We are so old and so eighties that even dropping a guitar tuning a bit is a huge step for us haha.
What can we expect in the future from SoulHealer?
T.K.: The release date for Bear the Cross is on October 17th and after that we will be on the road for the rest of the year. Hopefully we will have some international gigs too and there´s some planning going on but for now we have nothing certain to tell.
Are we going to see you guys live somewhere? If so, where?
T.K.: Our main playground is of course Finland but if somebody wants us to play abroad, we for sure will come. We are waiting for phone calls from Netherlands haha!
And, last question, do you have anything else you want to say?
T.K.: If you´re into traditional melodic heavy metal, SoulHealer is your choice. You really have to give a spin for our upcoming album. And for previous albums too. Have a seat, grab a beer and listen to SoulHealer. Couldn’t be better! Sin Chee Clearly Anymore!

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