Review: Algebra – Feed The Ego

Algebra, the next sensation in thrash metal if you ask me. They let you re-experience thrash metal as when you hear Reign In Blood for the first time. Thrash as it used to be, in the same way as Slayer, Sepultura, Testament and many others made it. They hail from Switzerland and the line-up is Chaos Edy on lead guitar and vocals, Phil Void on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Mat Showman on bass guitar and backing vocals and Tony Sharp on drums. Their newest release is Feed The Ego.

Feed The Ego contains 9 tracks and has an total length of 46 minutes. As said, they play thrash metal as it used to be. So expect 46 minutes of raging, heavy, fast thrash in an old-school way. You can hear that Algebra have musicians that are very good in doing their thing, making music. This is some very nice thrash from a band that just exist since 2008 and have just released two full-length’s (including Feed The Ego). When you first hear Feed The Ego you think that you just discovered a band who is making music for a really long time, since they are that good, and you lived under a rock. Then you look them up at the internet and you see they aren’t existing that long, but they are still great!

So, thrash metal is your metal? Go listen to Algebra’s Feed The Ego. You will love it!

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