Double review: Incursed – Beer Bloodbath & Elderslied

Asier Amo, Asier Fernandez, Jon Koldo Tera, Juan Sampedro and Narot Santos. Together they are Incursed, an pagan/viking metal band hailing from Bilbao, Spain. Now they have just released their newest EP Beer Bloodbath and their newest album Elderslied. This is a review about both of them.

Beer Bloodbath contains 5 songs with an total length of 21 minutes. Starting with the title song they go straight to your ears, fast drumming, screaming, grunting, clean vocals and all the pagan/viking sounds are coming at you. The second track is a little bit more slowly but definitely not boring, it is almost a little bit epic. At the third track they are going completely insane. This is a fast, heavy song with some very nice work done by the guitarists. When you love TV series and especially Game Of Thrones, you will definitely love the fourth track. Yeah, you already guessed it, it is the title song of the series in Incursed special version, and it is very nicely done. Last track is, as they called it themselves, an drunken version of the title song.

Elderslied has 13 tracks on it and has an total length of 1 hour and 8 minutes. Immediately they start with an epic intro called Song of the Ancient to get you prepared for the fast, heavy song Heart Of Yggdrasil. Two songs that are on Elderslied are also on Beer Bloodbath, those are Raging Wyverns and the song Beer Bloodbath. Elderslied is epic, Elderslied is heavy, Elderslied is a true pagan/viking metal album and it is really great. The guitarists have done a really nice job on Elderslied, just as on Beer Bloodbath. The combination of the growls and screams together with the clean vocals is also nicely done and gives a very nice touch to this album.

All together, Incursed have done a really nice job producing these two masterpieces. You don’t know Incursed, well, listen to them, if you are a pagan/viking metal fan you’ll love it!

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