Interview: A Light Within

Could you tell something about the history of A Light Within?

First of all, thank you for taking the time and having the interests in us and our music, we truly appreciate the support.

We started out as so many other bands before us did, from the demise of our previous bands. My (Jeff’s) previous band had played with Josh’s (guitar) and Nick’s (drums) previous band, as well as Kyle’s (vocals) previous band. When I was looking to start a new project, I knew I wanted to do something with Josh and Kyle. Luckily for me Nick and Josh were working on some new ideas together and Nick was up for starting something too. Brett, our original bassist, and I played together in a previous band. With his leaving, I was happy to have a long-time friend, Andy Schiller, reach out to take over bass duties.

You play a mix between post-rock, post-metal and shoegaze, what are your influences?

We all have a different taste and preferences, as well as things we all get into. It’s these differences and similarities that helped to shape our sound. Kyle wasn’t very familiar with post-rock before we started this. For a vocalist listening to instrumental music would have it’s limitations, but he’s grown to appreciate and like the music. He’s also turned me on to bands with amazing vocals and some killer tunes. It’s the learning from one another that’s exciting and allows us room to grow. evolve and explore to further develop our sound.

Lately there are coming more post-metal and shoegaze bands. In what way are you unique?

The great thing about these groups of bands of genres, there’s so much diversity within each band. We don’t try and write in a particular way/style, as long as we’re happy with the outcome, we go with it. I also think we’re somewhat different with our vocals… Kyle’s vocals have range and dynamics, not that other bands don’t, but it just adds another layer/texture to what we’re doing.

You soon release the single Between Shores of your upcoming EP. In what way is Between Shores and the material of your upcoming EP different from your debut EP Preface?

We spent a long time writing Preface and a couple of the songs for the new EP, Body Matter where written at that time. But with the changing of bassists happened, the sound changed. Not drastically, but organically. Between Shores was the 1st song we wrote together with Andy, and it just felt good. We all went out of our comfort zones and came up with something really great.

What are the lyrics about on the upcoming EP?

One’s reflection on life; love and loss.

Can we expect some touring of A Light Within? If so, where and when will it happen?

Touring is hard for us at the moment with life, kids and careers. We’ve talked about some weekenders here and there, but nothing more than talk. If the right opportunity came along, we’d definitely look at it.

Apart from the upcoming EP, do A Light Within have any other future plans?

Write more, record more, play shows and meet some great people along the way.

Is there anything else you want to say?

Again thank you for your time. Get out there and explore new music, there’s so many great bands out there that need to be heard.

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