Review: Eye Of Solitude – Dear Insanity

Eye of Solitude is Daniel Neagoe on vocals, Mark Antoniades on guitars, Chris Davies on bass and drummer Adrian Ferraro. They have already released some EP’s and full-length’s and now their newest EP Dear Insanity is unleashed upon the world.

Dear Insanity is an EP consisting of the same-titled song with an length of 50 minutes. Fifty minutes of pure darkness. This music is dark, sometimes even spooky and scary. It starts with a long part with few instruments, it’s almost minimalistic, then some screams come in and after a while (you have to be patient) hell will come to you. Really low growls, guitars that are really down-tuned and heavy drums, together with sometimes even a piano. The darkness in this EP is everywhere. Dear Insanity is absolutely a masterpiece made by Eye of Solitude.

Check out Dear Insanity by Eye of Solitude, you don’t want to miss this masterpiece!

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