Review: Nasty Crue – Rock N Roll Nation

Now, it is time for something that I haven’t reviewed yet: a hair metal band called Nasty Crue. Where do they come from, you ask? You won’t believe it, but they come from Poland. And their latest album is called Rock N Roll Nation.

Rock N Roll Nation has 9 songs on it and its total length is 30 minutes. This is some really feel good metal. There aren’t many hair metal bands in Eastern Europe, so Nasty Crue have to work hard. You can hear that these musicians are good in playing music. At the English vocals you can sometimes hear that the vocalist has an non-English accent, but that doesn’t matter much. When you know the lyrics, some songs are even anthem-like. They also have, as track number eight, their own version of Jingle Bells, called Jingle Balls. You can hear that, besides the good musicianship, these guys also have a lot of fun together.

You want your metal in a happy way? Like hair metal? Go listen to Rock N Roll Nation by Nasty Crue.

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