Review: Feign – Into The Void

Jacob Lizotte a.k.a. Feign has another demo released, called Into The Void. I also reviewed their last demo here and it was very nice. Let’s hear what this one brings. It was released on May 2nd.

Melodic passages and harsh, aggressive black metal, combined perfectly, that is what the atmospheric black metal of Feign was on their last demo and it still is. But dreaming away in the atmospheric spheres, as I said in the review of the other demo, almost isn’t there anymore, because there are still atmospheric spheres, but they are pushed more to the background. While it still keeps a big part of the music, the songs are louder, faster and more aggressive. To end it all, Stargazer is an atmospheric part of 2 minutes to let you hear it doesn’t have to be loud, fast and aggressive. Feign does, just as on their other demo, a very nice job. I definitely want to hear more from Feign!

You dig atmospheric black metal? Go listen to Feign’s second demo Into The Void.

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