Review: Luciferian Rites – When The Light Dies

Moribund Records just released one very intense black metal album from Luciferian Rites. Hailing from Mexico, Count Shadows, Abomination and AntiChrist have already released one full-length before, called Evangelion of the Black Misanthropy. Now they are back with When The Light Dies. It was released on May 12th.

Right from the beginning you can hear that Luciferian Rites are an extremely intense, harsh, loud black metal band. The scream of Count Shadows is a scream that almost hurts when you hear it, so intense, that’s a good thing. Supported by blasting drums and fast guitars When The Light Dies will blow you away. There isn’t very much variation in the tracks, but I think that doesn’t matter much, because Luciferian Rites are good in making some very intense black metal and what’s more intense than a good sounding wall of black metal from the highest grade?

Listen to this, especially if you dig black metal!

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