Review: Allfather – No Gods No Masters

Formed in 2014 in Kent, United Kingdom and already have their debut EP released since April. I am talking about Allfather, this sludge/hardcore beast’s EP is called No Gods No Masters.

Right from the start the aggression from this four-track EP is coming at you. While this EP endures only 11 minutes, it is one really heavy time to survive. Watch out for those heaviness! Musically it is very heavy and I think the sludge-part of Allfather comes from the instruments. With the vocals somewhere between hardcore shouting and raw vocals, it all fits very good. Production wise it is also really raw, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing and it sure isn’t here. Allfather has done a pretty good job at making a EP which does attack your ears, but in a good way. Raw, heavy, sludgy and much shouting is in this case a good mix.

You like sludge, hardcore or both? Go listen to Allfather’s No Gods No Masters.

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