Review: Display Of Decay – Dust Of Existence

Display of Decay was formed in 2007 in Edmonton (Canada) and is known for making an unique blend of old school metal with small parts of thrash and doom metal. After four well received indie releases, the band is ready to unleash its next full length album Dust of Existence. Sean Watson is responsible for the lead guitars and vocals, Avery Demarais is playing the drums, Jeremy Puffer is playing the rhythm guitars, the bass is for Jacob Maisonneuve and Jessy Leduc is doing vocals as well.

The album features eight tracks. The first song, Created to Kill, is a very aggressive song and makes you want to head bang almost immediately. It’s a good starter and it makes you wonder how the other seven tracks sound. I find it a little disappointing that I couldn’t hear what the lyrics are, but the grunts are pretty amazing. I was tempted to grunt along the whole song. The first song sadly ends very abruptly with the sentence Created to Kill. The second song is called Relentless and also starts very aggressive. I’m starting to think at this point every song is really hardcore metal, but the last song really gives the album a nice twist. The last song is named after the album and starts very differently than the previous seven tracks. It starts with a windy storm and a calming guitar. At this point I’m actually surprised that the song is so calm. The rhythm of the song slowly changes into something similar to the other tracks. The track also ends slow, but not that abruptly this time.

The album is nice to listen to if you feel angry and want to lose the energy.

The album art is looking very apocalyptic and suits the title of the album very well.

Display of Decay is a very interesting band. The band has a lot of experience and you can hear that very well. I hope more people will be listening to the band after reading my review.

Track list:
1. Created to Kill
2. Relentless
3. Messiah
4. Maruta
5. Cellar Goreatory
6. High Voltage Castration
7. Nyctophilia
8. Dust of Existence

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