Review: Gorepunch – Give ‘Em Hell

A line-up that begs to stay, great musicians and playing the music they love to make. The quality is just great, the sound is awesome and this is a release that just needs to be heard over and over again…

Where Aborted stops and Malignancy takes it to another level this is just an awesome mix of death metal meets grind and they have found a middle way of both bands that is just earned a place in the annals of gore.

After the intro Give ‘Em Hell the hell in the morgue really starts, Darkness Rising spreads an uncompromising sound of death metal with the known sound, diversity is standard and high tempo’s blasting out the speakers. The low slamming guitars are mixed together well with the awesome drumming of Mike Heller (Malignancy/Fear Factory). They not invented it but they are dragging the borders of the standards. In the era when all is done and all is said, there are still bands that do the same but still stand out, and Gorepunch stays true to their music and they succeed.

All their songs are having something great, they keep it simple and effective, this is highly addictive music for the souls that like the brutal songs of Aborted, they manage to keep the agressivity up where other bands loose it. Pray for a moment of rest is not to be found on this album, it preys forth on the relinquished remains of the bodies of the pop culture…Gaga or Boy George they all will find their willing end!

In the end of this release it is obvious that they are not giving in at nothing and they know what they do and they do it perfectly, the brutality never stops, I can name a few good songs but they all are just blasting the listener to where they want to be. Gorerotted without the punk influence, Exhumed on 75 rpm, it is just an in the face Gorepunch!

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