Review: Hammercult – Built For War

Hammercult is an Israeli thrash metal band founded in 2010. This is their fourth upcoming album named Built For War.

Onto the album itself: After the first 2 songs comes I Live For This Shit, this is a fast and aggressive song with excellent bass and drum work. On the song Ready to Roll are very catching choruses and backing vocals, it’s hard not to sing along with them. Blackened Blade has very fine guitar solos. The last song finished the album with great drumming power and screams. It rolls through your ears from beginning till the end.
A little over the artwork of the album: it’s a very stunning artwork with good vibes that really get to you when listening to this album.

Hammercult is a good thrash metal band and this album is worth listening go on. Check them out!

1. From Parts Unknown (Intro)
2. Rise Of The Hammer
3. I Live For This Shit
4. Spoils Of War
5. Ready To Roll
6. Raise Some Hell
7. Blackened Blade
8. Let It Roar
9. Ode To Ares
10. Altar Of Pain
11. Blood And Fire
12. Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight
13. Road To Hell

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