Review: Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy

The 24th of august this world has been given a gift. A precious gift, which we should not take for granted. A new Rivers Of Nihil album! Monarchy is the follow up to 2013’s Conscious Seed Of Light. For many fans or followers this new album will come as a pleasant surprise. Monarchy is packed with technical riffing and badassery. Also the vocals have improved very much since Conscious Seed Of Light.

With 4 instrumentalists and one vocalist from the very top of the techdeath food chain Rivers of Nihil is ready to claim the throne with Monarchy. Rivers of Nihil show the world this time that it is possible to write even better songs than on the previous album which was very technical in the first place. I strongly feel that Monarchy is somehow a little catchy! To me catchiness is a sign of understanding your genre and make people understand what you are doing. Rivers of Nihil show that technical death metal can be really accessible. Something that Beyond Creation did last year with Earthborn Evolution. You know you are very skilled in your genre when you know what to do to reach a big audience with technical death metal.

The best songs on the album in my opinion are the title track Monarchy and the fourth song on the album Sand Baptism.

Monarchy is a really strong song for the song writing and incorporating lyrics that fit the music. The guitar solo’s in this song are also mind blowing. The solo’s stood out because they use a few techniques you do not hear very much.

Sand Baptism for me, stood out on sheer brutality. The slow pace of the song really makes it that amazing. The main riff in the song is based on constant tremolo picking with one blow of a huge chord. It sounds so simple but you know what people say, less is more. Also Sand Baptism is one of those songs I find to be very catchy. Rivers of Nihil actually provoke people to scream along. Imagine yourself standing in a club listening to this song and yelling “I AM THE SUN, I AM THE MOON’. Amazing songwriting skills.

Monarchy by Rivers of Nihil gets 9.5/10
With an album this good I can only fear for the next album.

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