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Hey guys, thank you very much for doing this interview! Your new album, titled Kingdom of the Blind, will be released in 5 days, and you will be sharing the stage with Grand Magus and Enslaved in London tomorrow. Excited to present your new stuff live for the first time?

Thanks for taking time to talk to us. Actually that was last night, and it was fun, a little bit hectic as we didn’t have much time to set up our gear but that’s the deal when you are opening a show with two other bigger bands. Would have been great if we had the new album in hand to sell as people were asking but that’s life.

I know that Enslaved had a big influence on your music. How are you feeling to share the stage with these guys?

It was great to good but would have been nice to hang out with them a bit more, perhaps on a tour, as we could tell we would get on really well; same kind of humour. Cato (Enslaved drummer) was really good fun to chat with. I didn’t get to see their show as I was standing at our merch stand. You know it’s fun to meet bands that have influenced you at some point in your musical life. But in all honesty De Profundis is out there to bring our music to newer and bigger audience so playing a show like this is an opportunity to enlarge our fan base. We don’t get start struck or anything just because we happen to meet a band that we’ve liked for a long time.

You have been around since 2005 and toured extensively before, with big names such as Iron Maiden. Any great stories from the road you feel like sharing?

As you know touring is tough but it’s all the little stories that make them memorable apart from the shows. I think when you tour with bigger bands it’s always cool to find out how nice some of them are. When we toured with Rotting Christ in Eastern Europe, our campervan got stopped in the middle of the night at a petrol station by some cops because we didn’t buy a vignette at the border because it was shut. The police wanted €100 which we didn’t have, luckily the tour bus with Rotting Christ was fuelling. The tour manager was asleep but Themis (Rotting Christ drummer) was awake and asked what was wrong. I told them and he just got out €100 out of his pocket. He’d only known me 4 days!

Is there any place you are always particularly looking forward to play at? Or any wishes for upcoming concerts?

Our tour of India in 2010 was really memorable, we played some great shows and we would love to go back there. I know the material we have now would make the fans in India go nuts.

The upcoming concert also will serve as a release party of the new album, which had very good reviews so far and personally, I loved it as well. Are you surprised by these positive acclaims?

We’ve always been proud of our work so we’re not surprised because we believe De Profundis write great songs and delivers live as well. However we knew as we were writing this album that people would be enjoying it because we trimmed the songs down and went for more punch straight away. So yes it is pleasing to see how people are enjoying but not really a surprise.

Let’s talk a bit more about the writing process of the new record. How did you approach this album? Did you have a concept in mind?

The writing process has always been similar I’ll bring some riffs and now Paul (guitar) will do the same and then we all work together as band to write the song. Our vocalist Craig tends to work on the arrangement, he has a fantastic ear for hearing where a riff should be sitting and what the best structure for a song can be. We don’t set any boundaries when we write, however on this album we decided to make shorter songs generally.

Kingdom of the Blind has many jazz parts, which actually fit in very well. How did you come up with this?

Introducing jazzier parts in our music has always been a De Profundis tradition. A lot of the time actually Arran (bass player) will come up with more jazzy ideas. He came up with the chord progression in the middle section of All Consuming. On this album we’ve really worked to make sure all the more quirky elements of De Profundis’ music really blend well with the heavy parts.

What’s your view on the current death metal scene? Any upcoming releases you are particularly excited about?

I am looking forward to the new Malevolent Creation album, when we toured with them last year I heard some of the demo and it sounded killer. To be honest I just like my 90’s death metal, when it was melodic, brutal and technical. I find modern death just focuses on technic and completely forgotten about melodies and hooks. Its good to see how well received our album is because its closer in mentality to the 90’s death metal scene rather than modern day death metal. So maybe the mentality is changing all for the better. Kingdom of the Blind is a great example of how you can write technical songs without forgetting that they are songs and not exercises.

You toured the UK and Spain this year. Is there any chance to see you live this or next year, apart from the upcoming London show?

Well we were supposed to be on a month long tour with 2 big US death metal bands in November but unfortunately that got postponed. We’re trying to see if we could jump on another tour so we can capitalise on the press we’ve been getting. Otherwise I am hoping early next year we will be touring. We are also working on the follow up to Kingdom of the Blind so I expect we will hit the studio around April next year.

Thank you for doing this interview!

Thank you for checking out the new album, and taking time to talk to us!

(All questions answered by guitarist Shoi)

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