Review: Audiotopsy – Natural Causes

This brand new band hits you hard from the start with Headshot as the first song on this debut album.

The band features vocalist Billy Keeton from Skrape, Greg Tribbett and Matt McDonough from Mudvayne (plus in Tribbetts case Hellyeah) and bassist Perry Stern.

Some of the songs just stick from the first time you hear them. However, number five H2o is nothing but the sound of water. 1.27 minutes of water. First I thought my Ipod died on me but nope, not so much. After this interlude there’s Swim. Damn, talking about making up for previous mentioned little annoyance.

Burn The Sky is the kind of song that makes you want to sing along. Great drums, great lyrics, just a great song. Same with Darken The Rainbow where Keeton lets us hear what he can do with that amazing voice of his.

The album cover looks cute when you take a quick peek at it. Flower, dragonfly, cute colours. Don’t let this first glance fool you though. There is nothing cute about Audiotopsy. Look closer and see that the flower really is everything but a flower. Flesh eating, devouring; yes. Flower? Not so much.

Great debut album, a few songs stand out. I’d love to see the band live and am very curious about what they’ll create in the future.

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