Review: Ten – The Dragon And Saint George EP

The EP starts very strong with the title track The Dragon And Saint George. Heavy guitars and lots of epic guitar solos! I immediately got a good impression of what these guys are made of! The rest of the EP continues in the same way! Much thought is spent on each song and they all have a powerful and catchy chorus. Although I generally think that the latter is a good thing, it can sometimes feel a little gimmicky! But who knows, that can actually be the point!

The song Is There Anyone With Sense takes a critical look at our society and deals with recent issues and events. This shows that the band besides being musically gifted, is also not afraid to speak its mind about important things that are happening in the world we live in. The Prodigal Saviour is a song that does absolutely nothing for me and feels very cheesy. All of this was easy to forget when listening to the next song Albion Born. This song is by far the strongest one on the EP and has a lot of positivity. It even makes me feel a bit patriotic when listening to it!

Every self-respecting rock band has ballads. In this case it is We Can Be As One. There’s nothing bad to say about this song and it serves as a logical but interestingly chosen last song of an EP that has more strong features than it has weak ones!

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