Review: Firelord – Hammer Of Chaos

Italy’s self proclaimed stoner metal and doom ‘n roll band Firelord released their latest E.P.; Hammer of Chaos. This in 2007 founded band is being fronted by mister Mario Bussini. Frightening artwork on the album cover should prepare for an overwhelming musical assault. Sadly, once again the proverb is right; don’t judge a book by its cover (or an album by its artwork, you know what I mean).

The first track of the album, A Good Day To Die starts promising; a strong and heavy guitar riff, plain but smooth drums and driving vocals. But, after a few minutes in the song and further on with the second and third track, a certain pattern becomes apparent; repetition. Vocals are often in the same melodic line, there’s a heavy accent noticeable and the pitch is basically constant. There’s a baffling lack of dynamics, except for the title track; Hammer of Chaos.

Bussini’s solo’s are not great either. Again, similar techniques are being repeated and getting bored is almost inevitable. The solos sound like someone is practicing a Megadeth or Metallica cover but lacks the talent to reach the necessary level.

Dynamics-wise, the title track is a bit more interesting. After a few minutes of by now familiar guitar-riffs and vocals, there’s an interlude with a very basic bass-line. Nevertheless, this desperate attempt to spice things up fails and the song ends like a dying worm on a fish-hook. Graceless.

As an almost seemingly deliberate display of self-loathing, Firelord attempts to cover Slo Burn’s (John Garcia’s project after Kyuss) Pilot the Dune. Totally blowing it with a similar guitar-solo as we heard on previous tracks Firelord perhaps demands to be not taken seriously. On top of that, this cover is their least horrible recording on the E.P. (no offense towards Garcia-fans of course).

Conclusion: this E.P. doesn’t remotely justify the art-work and can be best listened to while taking a shower.

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