Interview: A.D.D.

You are A.D.D., what does it stand for and why did you choose that name?

A.D.D. stands for Analog Digital Disorder. It’s basically a reference to how we’ve taken our older influences and mixed them with a modern sound.

For people who don’t know you, can you give a short history about A.D.D.?

Dave and Margie started the band about 12 years ago. I joined just over a year after that and Jason has been with us for about 6 years. Prior to signing with Pavement Entertainment and releasing Core we released one other full length, Elements of Emptiness, and two EPs, 19 Minute Attention Span and Hear Me Now. We’ve played extensively throughout the Midwest and have shared the stage with a true who’s who of hard rock and metal bands over the years.

You play hardrock, what does make your music unique compared to other hardrock bands?

Margie and I do vocal harmonies through the majority of all of the songs. Having a female/male duet in a hard rock band isn’t very common and is definitely something that peaks peoples interest.

A.D.D. is an female fronted band. Is it difficult to be female fronted while most bands aren’t?

Being in a band in general can be difficult because someone is always going to try to find something to bring you down. Having a female in the band only makes us work that much harder to prove to those who don’t think it can work that it can.

You just released your second album Core, did much change since your debut?

We’ve gotten better not only as a band but also as individuals. Core is really a true group effort because everyone was involved in the writing process.

What are your influences in music?

I grew up a huge fan of KISS. They are the ones that made me realize that playing music is what I want to do. I listen to all sorts of different music but hard rock is obviously where my heart is.

What are the lyrics about on Core?

Most of the lyrics are about perseverance. Sometimes going through the hardest parts of life are when you really discover who you are. Core is a direct result of Dave, Margie, Jason and myself sticking to what we believe in and busting our butts to achieve it.

What does the future looks like for A.D.D.?

It’s a pretty exciting time for us. Core is really taking off with our fans. The first single and video for I Regret has been making a lot on noise too.

Can we expect some touring from you? If so, where and when?

We will definitely be doing some touring to support Core. We have numerous shows already booked, including some big summer festivals.

Is there something else you want to say?

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years!! It means more than words can express. We look forward to seeing you at the shows!!

Questions answered by A.D.D.’s guitarist Jeremy Sparta

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