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Odin owns ye all.

This sentence pretty much sums up the entire album and maybe the whole Viking/pagan metal scene in general. I probably say that like it is a bad thing right? It’s not actually. When you listen to this style of music, you know what you’re gonna get and you’re gonna get it hard!

This new self titled album from the band that named it’s band after a blood drinking wolf. If the name is not enough for you, you should listen to this album. Straight to the point Viking metal and it has everything such an album may need. It’s the occasional tremolo picking to the campfire songs on a midsummer night. All in one album!

Of course we know Manegarm is not all about the easy listening campfire songs. Black metal interludes are a common ground for these guys. It shows me that they do not limit themselves to one style of metal. On top of this article I mentioned the song Odin Owns Ye All. This song is more of a power metal song than the rest of the album. It is probably the most “radio friendly” one.

Overall this band deserves the credit or the torch whatever you’d like… yeah you, with the long beard! Manegarm deserves to be on top of the Viking/pagan metal foodchain. This album is (once again) everything you might expect from a Viking metal album but executed in the best way possible. Cheesiness can’t be an answer to this because when you listen to Manegarm, you know what to expect. This album IS what you expect.

My verdict is 7,5 for great execution of production and song writing. The missing 2,5 points are for the lack of originality.

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