Review: Broken Down – The Other Shore

Industrial metal. It is a genre of metal that most people are introduced to by one band. Mostly by Rammstein, Fear Factory and/or Marilyn Manson eventually. Broken Down is one of the bands that you would recommend to people who try to get into industrial metal in the same rank with Rammstein. And that is not a exaggeration, because they really are that great.

If you start to listen to the album, the intro track is bass driven and the bass line leads the song, and afterwards the rest of the intro is filled by samples and some guitars that on the first take can be a little erratic and out of touch with the rest of the instruments but if you listen to it a few times it sounds very fitting.

The second song has a very different vibe. The vibe you get is more like of a reggae song than of a industrial metal song. The vocals make most of the vibe as they are very similar to a reggae singers voice, although the music is still pure industrial.

The third song has a distinct dance vibe if I dare to say it. Still the same pattern appears. The vocals and start of the song set the vibe for the song, even though the rest of the instruments in the song don’t have that feel or vibe.

The fourth song is the album breaker. Not the best song but a song that brakes the pattern, because it starts like a classical music composition and it slowly descends into disharmony musically. And not in a bad way. The classical parts are something classical you would expect from a composition of classical music, then the bass starts and it descends into something more metal and the guitars at the end of the song completely fulfill the complete metal vibe of the song.

The last four songs follow the first pattern of setting the vibe. And the vibes range from some kind of pop-punk and some punk feels also. And the infusion of the various vibes with their music is perfect in the sense that you will get the vibe and that feel will not leave you even if the song is completely industrial metal in the complete sound.

The sound record quality is great. The instruments are audible and clearly heard, and the samples used in the album are also great and fit in the album and match most of the modern industrial metal in quality.

Overall Broken Down made a great album, one that can become the staple of the genre in future.

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