Review: Un – The Tomb Of All Things

Wow, this album is amazing! Debut album of this American doom quartet, shows a lot of different sides of melancholic, melodic doom. This album, a five-piece with an instrumental introduction serves us four ten+ minute masterpieces, full of gloom, low grunts and melodic intervals.

The band takes time to develop the song structures, building up fast or slow, without losing the attention of the listener. The last song of the album, the title song, is a good example of this. Starting off with silent, bare guitar, building up to a louder part with growling vocals, then developing the song further with more silence, a guitar solo, and finally building a wonderful wall of sound for the last five minutes to finish.

Before the end of the album however, there is more beauty for the ears.

Through The Luminous Dusk starts with a clearer electrical guitar sound and halfway the song the guitarsolo’s are more prominent, making the song stand out in a nice way.

In my opinion the second song Sol Marasmus stand out in a different way. The build up of this one is classic; slow guitarriffs, great grunts, but then… Jon Davis of Conan joins the group with a clean screaming sound, not in tune with the song and really taking the song down. The good side of it: this part only lasts a minute or so.

The artwork of the album fits the mood well: in a river, water streams from a well in the dark, red distance. It brings both terror and bliss. And so does the music of this band. A great album for dark and gloomy nights and days.

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