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About a week ago we published a live review of No1408 (here). DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen got curious, so he looked them up at the internet. When he saw they were coming to a city nearby, he went there and asked guitarist Jordy Stokkink some questions.

Hi, how are you doing?

Perfect, yes.

No1408, how did you come up with the name?

That’s a funny story. Our leadsinger came from a well-known band and the rest of us played in another well-known band. We did English and when he joined we wanted to do something special, something different. He send me a tape with some musical ideas. He said: ‘Don’t listen to the voice, because it is in Dutch.’ I listened to the tape and I thought it was brilliant, because it was in Dutch. We thought about what we going to do and we wanted to do it in Dutch, because nobody else does it. So, let’s do something different, but before we put out that we going to do it in Dutch, let’s come up with a name that nobody knows. So that they can’t figure out that we do it in Dutch. We are all big Stephen King fans and John Coffey is already a band, so it dropped off. So, we said, let’s call it No1408.

Why that one?

Oh, he got a lot of great books and movies! 1408 is sort of a different movie, it’s not his best movie, but it’s a great movie and book.

You already said, you all have experience in different bands. Why was it time to start No1408?

It’s two years ago. Three members played in Firefly, a well-known band. Across Europe they played everywhere, for example Romania, 3fm (a big Dutch radio), were noticed by De Wereld Draait Door. I had enough, my musical taste changed. I was a big Iron Maiden fan, a big Thin Lizzy fan, still I am, but I started listening to Megadeth, Overkill, Motorhead, the heavier stuff. I wanted to do something different. That happened two years ago and we found Coen, our lead singer, he come from a different band and he fitted right in, did his job perfectly and we started writing the first album. It really took great off, we got big response, it played very well in the US, England and the Dutch metal fans are a little bit afraid, because it is in Dutch. We like the idea.

You play heavy metal with in lyrics in Dutch. Why Dutch, besides it’s your mother tongue and it is something different?

Dutch is a really fucked up language to write lyrics in. It’s really hard. When you have German like Rammstein or Die Toten Hosen, it sounds heavier. For example when you say butterfly in Dutch it sounds stupid but in German it sounds amazing. That’s the difference, it’s really hard to write in Dutch, but we found our way and we found a way to express it. We use a lot of very old words that people doesn’t use anymore. That’s why it sounds, in our opinion, so great.

What are your influences, musically and non-musically, to you in person?

A lot! I am a big Springsteen fan, a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, which has nothing to do with heavy metal. I am also a big Anthrax fan, just the last three years. A big Megadeth fan, Overkill, Motorhead and I was a big Maiden fan and Thin Lizzy. I am still Thin Lizzy fan, but Maiden is difficult now, they changed a bit I think. Non-musically I think I come back to what Stephen King does, his style of writing, making books and making characters.

And what about those influences to No1408 as a band?

Yeah, we use that. We use a lot of ideas. For the first album we wrote nine tracks on the album and also a lot of other stuff. We saw it worked the first time, so we wanted to do that a second time. We are working on the second album now and it is the same way of how we write.

In 2014, you released your first and only album to date called Vuilwater. What were the responses you got from it?

Nothing, completely nothing. We got one response, it was from 3voor12, they hated it. I think because it was in Dutch and our lead singer came from a band which they didn’t like, so they didn’t like us. We also got some great reviews from England and the US. But here in Holland we got none reviews, none. We loved that, it’s brilliant. The big metal scene here in Holland doesn’t want to know about us, but we got plenty of gigs. We get more gigs than the band before.

Which song is your favorite on Vuilwater?

That’s a good one! I think Monddood. We will start off tonight with that song. It is because Monddood was the last song we wrote. When it was done, we looked at each other and we thought that’s the road we want to go. The other songs are good, but that’s the road we want to go.

It’s better?

Yeah, it’s better, but we were searching for the endless vibe, the Megadeth thing. The other songs are good, but we couldn’t really find it. The last song that we did was when we have it.

You already mentioned that you are writing the second album. How is it going to be?

Heavier than Vuilwater. More Anthrax, more Megadeth, more melody. The lyrics would be more about the experience on the road and things in real life. The first single is already done, we are going to shoot the videoclip next wednesday and I think we are going to release it next month.

Great! What song is it?


You only toured in The Netherlands and Belgium, is that a choice? Because of the lyrics are in Dutch.

No, it’s not a choice. We get a lot of bookings from Belgium and a lot of Dutch ones, they love it. But we don’t get a lot of response from Germany or England or whatever. When they mail or call us, we want to go.

So you have the ambition to grow bigger?

Yeah, with our first band we travelled across Europe and there’s nothing more fun than five guys in a bus and travel somewhere to do shows.

You already have a few concerts booked for the future, to which one are you looking forward the most?

Yeah, ten or something. Looking forward to every one of them, because every one is different. With every concert you do, you don’t what to expect, you don’t know what happens. You don’t know how the audience is going to react, because we play in Dutch. We love every gig we do.

About the history of touring with No1408, which is kind of short, what is your best touring memory?

There is a lot of it. We played in Belgium and we didn’t know how the people were going to react. We played there and the crowd loved it, I think we got two more shows out of it. That’s what you want to do. You want to entertain people, play and see a smile on people’s face or see people headbang or mosh. That’s all what we want.

Was it in the Flemish part or the French part?

It was in the Flemish part.

Are there, besides the new album, anymore future plans for No1408?

We want to play a lot, because that’s the main thing about No1408. In the meantime, five or six songs are already written for the second album and hopefully somewhere end of next year we going to hit the studio and record it.

Last but not least, do you want to say something to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Yeah, your colleague was there in Papendrecht and he loved the show, we had a great laugh with him in the smokers room. That’s amazing, so people come to shows and check us out at internet.

Thanks for the interview!

No problem.

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