Live review: Kataklysm, Septicflesh, Aborted, 21 February 2016 at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

A line-up of Kataklysm, Septicflesh and Aborted is a promise of a great death metal evening, and so it was in the Jupilerzaal of 013 in Tilburg. Even more so, as this was the last concert of Kataklysm’s “Of Ghosts and Gods” tour in Europe, and all three bands were determined to finish the tour with a blast!

With a way more relaxed atmosphere as compared to a couple months back, when the Paris terrorist attacks happened, the evening was opened by the Belgians of Aborted. The guys set quite a cool atmosphere for the bands to follow with their mix of grindcore and death metal. Circle pits and beer, all attendees were already very happy!

After a swift tag break, Septicflesh entered the stage. The Greeks from Athens combine death metal with gothic elements, and so this was surely the most atmospheric and theatrical part of the evening. Many deities were present as well, from Anubis to Prometheus and the Pyramid God. Surely a blast though and a great show!

Afterwards, it was time for the headliner of the evening: Kataklysm from Canada. Like with Aborted and Septicflesh, there was a certain nostalgia that the tour was coming to an end, but also a determination to give it all on this last night. The show was kicked off by Of Ghosts and Gods‘ first track, Breaching the Asylum. Following were many older tracks, such as As I Slither, Push the Venom and Open Scars, but also new tracks off Of Ghosts and Gods, like The Black Sheep and Soul Destroyer. Overall a brilliant performance, which left everyone longing for more, even after 15 songs and two encores. A great closing evening for this tour, and hopefully more evenings like that in the near future!

Setlist Kataklysm:
1. Breaching the Asylum
2. If I Was God… I’d Burn It All
3. As I Slither
4. The Black Sheep
5. Manipulator of Souls
6. At the Edge of the World
7. Thy Serpents Tongue
8. Push the Venom
9. The Ambassador of Pain
10. Where The Enemy Sleeps…
11. Soul Destroyer
12. The Chains of Power
13. Open Scars
14. In Shadows & Dust
15. Crippled & Broken
16. Iron Will (Encore)
17. Elevate (Encore)

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