Live review: No. 1408, 30 January 2016, Café De Trap Af, Papendrecht, The Netherlands

So, I found out that there was a free show about 15 minutes away from my home (ladies/gents, please don’t use this information to stalk me!) and decided to give it a try.

The opening band were some young locals who could obviously use some practice, but they had fun and were very friendly, so I gave them some advice about gear and stage presence.

Anyway, on towards the main act of the evening, No1408!

I was hanging out with them in the smoking room, they were making fun of each other ’till it was time for them to put on a show.

The background music stopped, they came on stage and grabbed the crowds’ attention by starting off with “Hello, we are number 1408. Dumb name huh?” and blasting into their first song.

They announced all their songs with some slice-of-life cabaret, about how they got lost during the ride there for example, and the lead guitarist had a wireless guitar cable that he used to stand in the crowd and play guitar!

The music was superb, a bit of a rawer Volbeat with some old ‘tellica and Testament influences. They called themselves “nedermetal”, and it was nothing like “nederpop”, so don’t worry 😉

The only downside of that show was that the crowd wasn’t as into it as I hoped, hoped for a mosh pit that didn’t came.

Also bought a shirt and an album from them.

Bottom line, it’s a band with a great sense of humor and very friendly very much worth checking out!

No. 1408 Official Website
No. 1408 Facebook
No. 1408 Twitter

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