Review: Deströyer 666 – Wildfire

Wildfire by Deströyer 666 is a return to form by the black/thrash underground giants.

Brought to you by Seasons Of Mist. The label that gives you great music for a good while now. In my opinion Seasons of Mist is one of the most successful labels for rather underground and extreme metal bands.

The first thing you see about an album is of course the album cover. The album cover keeps it rather simple but effective with a black background. The graphic on top is really something to look at. A very detailed depiction of the reaper sitting on a horse while holding the ‘Deströyer 666’ flag high. A very creative turn on the flames at the back of the horse, which tells you, the album title buried and wreathed in flames.

Wildfire starts off with the track Traitor which sends you straight to a flaming abyss in the very first seconds. The track instantly reminds me of old school thrash metal because the tone is very rusty. A tone that fits the band and it’s music very good.

After this song Deströyer 666 isn’t going to give you a break to let that sink in and blazes off with the first single of the album Live And Burn. The whole album gives you the feeling of pure adrenaline and a desire to head bang. My favorite track on the album is definitely the title track Wildfire. Never stopping, relentless and countless things black and thrash fans will love. The tremolo picking on the riffs just never stop. At a very close second is the track Hounds At Ya Back. This song brings you a pounding tempo reminiscent to old school heavy metal like Motorhead.

The one trap that I feel this album could fall into is that the songs are maybe too repetitive. Which could leave fans and new fans a bit bored. But, hell, this album runs for 39 minutes. You just have to listen to it in its entirety to fully experience the album. That’s what I do when I review an album. I try to listen, not to hear. When you sink into the music in a dark room you fully focus on a song. You will constantly hear new things every time you listen to the album.

Wildfire leaves me in awe. Destroyer 666 is at it again. A really great start of the year with pure, relentless metal. Whether you prefer thrash metal, black metal or old school heavy metal. You will find your fix here. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album for a great 39 minutes you will want to listen to over and over again.


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