Review: Overdoze – Supreme Dosage

As you may have guessed looking at the album cover and the track titles. These guys love to drink. A lot. So much in fact that the first time they went and tried to record something, they just got drunk instead. However, six years and countless hangovers later, they managed to record their debut album. Now I can hear all you sceptics groaning:”Ugh, not another Tankard clone that tries to play of an inherent lack of talent with the excuse that they are hammered all the time”. I’m here to hopefully convince you otherwise.

You could argue the band members not being completely sober has resulted in a slightly sloppy album. I don’t personally feel this matters though. Overdoze’s style of thrash isn’t at breakneck speed nor is it overly technical. Instead, it has more of a Hellhammer went drinking with Pantera kinda feel. The type of music that indeed works best when you’ve had your own share of drinks. So, in the name of science, music and literature I will first down a few beers. Then listen to the tracks again and write the rest of the review.

Ok, so Overdoze’s music makes a lot more sense now. One of the things that sort of amazes me at the moment is how the band sounds ‘vintage’ whilst not yet existing a decade. Note here that I said vintage and definitely not dated. The music sounds fresh whilst harkening back to the days of old when the “tempo of the metal was high”. The music switches between slower groovy parts and faster thrashy parts and reminds me of Celtic Frost, Venom’s debut album and Swedish band Gehennah. Never does the band reach slayer type speeds but it’s still more than enough to have your head banging. The vocals are harsh, the guitars crunchy and the drums pounding and so the record does everything it needs to do. Above all the record is just plain fun. In the same way drinking with your mates is fun. Things don’t need to be complicated to be highly enjoyable and Supreme Dosage is just that. Good thrash that is highly enjoyable. Every track is cool with an extra shout out to Asylum of Madness and Night After Tomorrow for being my personal favourites.

In conclusion. Overdoze proves once again that the Finns are one of the leading countries when it comes to cool metal bands. And that they can produce more than warp speed shredding and high pitched vocals. Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m blasting the record one more time whilst downing my next six pack. All hail the Way of the North and the Great Northern Alcoholculture.

Score 80/100 but add an extra 2 points for every beer you drink.

1. Dosed Back to Reality
2. Way of the North
3. Abyssus
4. Asylum of Madness
5. The Great Northern Alcoholculture
6. Night After Tomorrow
7. The Last
8. WeakEnd
9. And Beer for All

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