Review: Aborted – Retrogore

Are you ready for some new Aborted? I sure as fuck am! It’s been an excruciating 3 months anticipating this album, but we should all by now have listened to their previous (EP) release Termination Redux a thousand times at least. You’ll all be glad to know that, other than Termination Redux, there’s 11!!! new tracks waiting to violently penetrate your eardrums. In good old Aborted fashion, the album hits off with an introductory track, which usually sort of reflects the mood of the album. Well, let’s just say they kept it ‘’retro’’ this time 😉

Let’s start off with the 2 singles that were released before the album was out. Retrogore hits like a goddamn truck, any fan who’s been paying attention to the band on the media will confirm this. It is very aggressive and loaded with blast beats; they couldn’t have chosen a better first single. Divine Impediment, if you haven’t already heard it, is a song that is at least as brutal as the previous, but adds a little more horror with its *slow* (read: still really fast..) parts…but the feast has only just begun. Seriously, each song’s title is as good as its sound: Whoremageddon is just pure evil, and unsurprisingly, among my favorites. One of the song’s main riffs kind of reminds me of what you’d usually find in black metal, but with a different effect that perfectly fits the band’s trademark sound. Like always, great harmonic solos and riffs are an abundant presence. Cadaverous Banquet is among the best tracks as well, it features just about everything you can find on this album. Sick vocals, facemelting solos, insanely fast riffs, nasty pinch harmonics, sound effects..what’s not to love? One thing I appreciated a lot is that they kept bringing up the retro theme throughout the album. Some tracks start off with an intro that sounds like fragments of old horror movies. It’s these small things that add that extra mojo to the overall experience. All I can say is: listen to the album and you WILL understand the definition of retro and gore combined!

It really seems 2016 is the year of Aborted, aside from a fantastically mastered EP and album, members of Aborted have also formed a new melo-death band ‘’Oracles’’, featuring Sven (Aborted) and Sanna Salou (Dimlight, System Divide) on vocals. At the moment, they have 2 singles out and their album is set for release on July 1st! If you’re a fan of Aborted, don’t forget to check this out as well.

You can read our live review of Aborted (together with Kataklysm and Septicflesh) in 013, Tilburg here, as well as our review of Aborted’s Termination Redux here.

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