Review: In Aevum Agere – Fugit In Solitudine

Don’t let the name of the album and the band confuse you, it is not a black metal or death metal album. The album is actually a mix of heavy and some sludge metal, maybe? The album is quite misleading, especially when you hear the opening track and the first riff, because until you hear the vocals, you do not really know what you are getting yourself into. The guitars are quite heavy, with a healthy amount of compression, maybe a little bit too much for me. The drums are punching through the mix, and the bass is a bit inaudible. The vocals are what makes this album good for me, as they are crisp filled with effort and emotion in the singing. The album itself is a bit on the short end, as it is five songs with about 20 minutes of run time, but again, that does not mean anything as even shorter albums can be really good. All in all, the album is great, the execution and mixing is great and the only complaints I have are the aforementioned issues with the guitars and the bass, other than that the album is a piece of art. I give it 8/10.

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