Review: Albez Duz – Wings Of Tzinacan

My first thoughts when listening to the first track of the album: Ah, it’s Halloween time! Creepy starts -especially strong ones- always attract my attention. The surprise after this introduction is that Albez Duz is not a band that is easily caught in one definition. Doom: yes, sludge: yes, but also rock-elements, clean male vocals mixed with grunts and screams.

Innocent Gate for example uses a totally different approach to the dark than the introduction did. The use of church-organ reminds me of the gothic-touch Lacrimosa used to include in their music. Albez Duz easily changes the song to a dark rock sound, with elements of 80’s influences, where the voice sometimes reminds me of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Third song Omen Filled Season starts heavier then the preceding songs and is a great combination of melody, dark storytelling, rock and metal. When Our Lord The Flayed One kicks in the only thing I can think is: RRRROCK! Catchy melody, nice guitars and the use of 80’s heavy metal voice, combined with some great psychedelic sounds, can only drag you into the realm of Albez Duz. And when you think you had it all, the amazing grunt/scream drags you further in.

But the best thing is yet to come. The build-up of the album is quite brilliant. After being introduced to the different styles of the band, songs like Reflections, Sacred Flame and The Uprising take it all a bit further, adding more layers to the sound.

It is hard to make a clear definition of what Albez Duz’ music is about. It is a combination of sludge, doomy metal, but with a thick layer of psychedelic rock. And it is great!

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