Review: Beyond Chronicles – Human Nation

The Parisian melodic death metal quintet Beyond Chronicles is a newcomer in the field, as the band was formed only in 2013. The guys (and girl!) released their first full-length, Human Nation, on the 21st of October this year, after their critically acclaimed EP Shatter, which was released in 2015. Let’s give Human Nation a go!

The album contains 12 tracks, and kicks off with a heavy intro, called Ground Zero. Rings a bell? Yes, thematically, the album turns around the current problems of humanity, e.g. terrorism and the insatisfaction of humans. The lyrics are well-written and surely the highlight of the album. Sound-wise we hear great growls and sometimes even clean vocals, paired with usually brutal riffs. The total production is raw. While that is generally not a bad thing, here it creates a disbalance which sometimes completely distorts the sound. While this can be fixed with some more technical input, the general sound of the five is not your standard Gothenburg melodic death metal, but comes with a lot of variations and sometimes even with, in my opinion, power metal influences (e.g. Upon Them). This makes it entertaining to listen through the 12 tracks and discover new twists and turns in each one of them.

Overall, the quintet is delivering with Human Nation a satisfying first album. As mentioned, the production is surely not the best, but the overall sound, style and intelligent song-writing make up for that fact in the large part. Beyond Chronicles is a raw diamond in my opinion, so keep an eye out for them in the future and listen to their album in the meantime! 8/10.

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