Review: Lessen – A Nebulous Being

Neat! This French quartet, hailing from Montpellier, is taking the ‘progressive post-hardcore’ world by hammer and anvil. I don’t know what that genre is; people are just making shit up now, I’d I think. I do know that there are some influences here I probably have never heard of. It sounds like screamo or hardcore punk actually, with massive doses of Tangerine Dream, The Orb and other atmosphere/synthesizer type, moody atmospheric arrangements – without the synths! This creates an incredible sound that causes me to rate this:


Their official video for Already Dead is good, but I enjoy the YouTube official video for Witness from A Redemptive Decay – sick title – much more as I see the band on tour, live and get the overall feel for these already multi-talented kids. Lots of fun, excellent concert footage showing high-energy and the shape of things to come.

The standout is la femme de la batterie, Audrey G who is simply amazing. Such talent, as the chiropractor of the backbone of this band. A female Neil Peart if I’ve seen one! Her stoic, focussed look is impressive while the octopus-arms are all over the place, hitting the surfaces neatly and precisely. Great to watch and hear and you must see her YT play-through of Out of Reach!

The music is dark and strong and except for two short instrumentals, A Long Way Down and A Long Way Back, all music is in the 5 to 9+ minute range! Heavy guitar and screaming vox are prevalent. A Piece of Heaven is my favourite, partially because it’s the longest one and mainly because it’s the more ‘rockier’ of the set list.

Expectations are high for this band as they embark on a so far brief tour and I’m curious as to what their audience draw will be like. The live shows are raw, fun and high energy, but I am looking also for some showy FX to accompany the ditties.

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