Review: Lost Opera – Hidden Sides

It is almost a rule that you have heard at least one symphonic metal band in your metalhead life, at least a band like Nightwish. If you are into some symphonic stuff Lost Opera is a great band to listen to.

While it does not have all the intricacies in the keyboard section that Nightwish has, but even with that, the keyboard lines are great in the songs and they do give a great orchestral feel. The rest of the instrumentation is also of high quality, the guitars, bass and the drums can be heard, but like all sympho bands the keyboards take lead in the mix. Sometimes that lead can be a bit overwhelming and intrudes the vocals. Now the vocals are interesting, while it is mostly a clean singing vocal, but in a few short parts of a few songs there is a vocal that is associated more with the metalcore genre. While this may or may not be a problem for some people, for me it was a welcomed change from the usual expected style.

I do not have some other major concerns about this album, the rest of the album is great, and while it may be a typical pattern for the genre I still hold this album to be a quality one.

If you want a quality album, this is for you. If you are just getting into sympho metal this is for you, if you want some variety this may not be for you, but in general do have a listen. I do hope that the band will make some more experiments in the future, as this current experiment is promising. I give this album a 8/10.

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