Review: Magoa – Imperial

These lads have some good traction in the death metal world and will continue to go on. I draw attention to the horrible cover of their 2011 release Swallow the Earth. This will make it to the ‘Worst Album Covers of All Time’ list. I don’t know what they were going for, but ok, you’ve redeemed yourself with the following releases, of their Animal EP, Topsy Turvydom (cool name) and their latest, Imperial. – spooky, halting cover which is perfect for All Hallow’s Eve!

The title track grinds very nicely and the lyrical content is superb. Great arrangements. This is prog rock to me as these lads can really play. I love the musical outro at 3:34 to end. Atmospheric and a great lead in to whatever they have planned for live shows.

Resistance is a little chaotic and way too screamo for me and seems slapped together, although the production throughout is very good. Many will enjoy this and the rhythm/tempo changes.

Sailors is very good and has good play loud and meshes nicely with the concept of the album. Short and sweet will make this popular on the playlist.

Kill Us is my favourite! Great opening orchestral arrangement and solid music all through has made this a candidate for my ringtones. Great song that has concert chant written all over it.

Remember! Very cool monologue and nice filler. I like these on albums as they give more depth and insight not only into the concept but into the band as well.

The remainder of the disc delivers in many ways; subtle, well written with great meaning and pounding music make this a definite buy. There are many bands leading the way to the metal scene and this is one of them.


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