Review: Naevus – Heavy Burden

Tribute albums are great. There will always be someone to do homage to the greats that have spurred other generations and apparently, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? This album rocks all throughout on its own yet, if I didn’t know the band, I would think Black Sabbath got together with Ozzy for another one.

Doom metal or just heavy, take your pick, this falls into either nicely.

Dead Summer Day is perhaps my favourite; it doesn’t sound like the rest of the album, almost happier, despite the gloomy title. The guitar break at 3:26 is shredder and a fine lead into some good dual attacks along with another break reminiscent of yet more Sabbath and Judas Priest Sinner-type material.

Future Footprints while again, GOOD, is like molasses uphill in January for me. Personally never caring for the gear of ‘stoner-drive’, the plodding outwardly Sabbath song, leaves me just sitting by the side of the road, wilted and unenthusiastic. You will need to be in ready for this song; you can’t just drop it into a mixtape and say ‘listen to this!”

The title track is alright, once again vocals being overshadowed slightly by instruments but perfect for this sub-genre of the grander metal. The riffs are alright and the melodies good. The solos are definitely solid anywhere on here, but I can’t get past that Ozzy-like voice; has never been my liking. Yes I said it, I don’t care for Ozzy!

Naked was better; having an almost Tea Party element to the arrangements and playing, but this quartet from Germany are artists on their own, not matter how many influences I hear and cite. The first rate playing would make them a cool live show, especially on Halloween. Their FB page shows them Oct 30 at the Slaughterhouse along with Petrified. Wish I could go…

The Outro, mid album, is wonderful. The acoustic piece is a happy glimmer on this dark record and brings out the more natural voice of Uwe. I wish he’d sing more in this range. There is a definite Yes feel to this. This should be at the beginning of the album and something like it at the end; or a whole album!

Yet. They fuzzy it again with The Dwarves Revenge; the tempo slows and the muffled 70’s are back. Meh, not bad again, but somewhat lacking in the enthusiasm I like. The Whistling Tree got me going again with heavier riffs and better crunch and is my 2nd fave. This is great stuff and has good tone at loud levels. The vox key is different and more pleasing to my rock-hardened timpani and stirrups. Definitely a better written and sung song here.

Overall, a solid ‘really good’ for this effort and it will definitely make certain sub genres happy for its monochromatic edgy flow. Go see them! Get their really cool vinyl releases!

8/10 for their own brand

6/10 for Ozzy impression

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