Review: Born To Burn – Welcome To Reality

Although I personally am not a fan of hardcore/alternative metal, I can appreciate a good HC/alt album, and this is one.

The first thing that struck me in the intro is the feeling of anticipation I got from it. All through the “song” I waited for the big breakdown and the subsequent riffing that follows a massive breakdown. And it didn’t give me the sense of completion, it left me hanging unto the next song. The band did not bring anything new in the genre, if you listened to one HC band you listened to them all, and this band is not the exception. Even though the band combined alt metal with HC, the HC influences prevail most of the time. The vocals are the biggest example of the HC prevalence in the album. For me the constant screaming associated with HC does not cut it, I prefer some variety in vocal performance.

The quality of the recording is great, the guitars are clean where needed and gritty where needed, props to the sound engineer for the mixing. The drums and bass are mixed in great as well, and all of the instruments can be heard. The vocal levels in the mix tend to be a bit overpowered, and a part of the blame is down to the technique chosen.

Despite all the setbacks of the album, I still like it. It may not be my cup of tea, but it is still a great album and it needs the recognition of a great album. All I can hope is that the band can evolve and make an even greater album next time. I give this album a 8/10.

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