Review: Burn After Me – Aeon

The cool name says it all. This band, hailing from Milan, Italy sporting the genre modern metal, makes a heavy metal impact with their Aeon rocker. A great look on their FB page; suits and ties, way to go guys! Some class here; got a Kraftwerk-looking thing going on and playing this style of metal in a tie is a welcome change of scenery than the ragged clothes and long, semi-dirty hair.

The opus is solid, while the vox are in that ‘barely-tolerable‘ realm for my aging ears, the intricate arrangements and playing expertise make up for it. The strings are perfect on almost every song with my favourite tones on Right Fit, along with the chanting chorus and ripping solos. And yet….

A top 40 hit with Beatrix??? Accentuating their playing notwithstanding, the ‘slow’ song shows what versatility these lads have and that metal is not all guts n’ terror. Brilliant playing and singing, for sure a hit with the chicks and will make a mixtape somewhere on some metal lovers playlists. Alone, I’m giving this a 10/10 as it has piqued the interest of my special gal, well until the guttural stuff starts. A pleasant surprise on this record for me!

Fixed Stars, another slowly, is equally as impressive and emotive, with articulate guitar work and perfectly-paced beats.

A third slow one with Angels wraps up a perfect trilogy with what I see is an extended song live; followed up with the atmospheric Empyrean stands to make this band moving out of this metal genre into progressive. Powerful plays and great work here all around.

Sewn Shut Eyes is a fast rocker with all the trimmings. Well placed and well received. Also an amazing break in Lustful at about 1:45 onwards; excellent playing and guitar attack here! There’s a definite Dream Theater feel to it with smart and articulate fret work. The amazing slow-down at 3:22 until 4:16 is gold. A great song!

This is an overall well-oiled product complete with a good modern metal sound but rife with prog rock pieces and power metal chords in there. These newer bands need to be given a good chance to hit the market as it is saturated with much junk. This is one of them that will go places, I think. They have toured extensively already with many other bands and have their stage-legs. Videos on their FB page are tight and very visual.


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