Review: Detoxed – Modern Slavery

From the opening gravelly vocals and ripper guitars to the short, rapier point length of the songs, Modern Slavery is quickly pushing aside my cd collection favorite pick rack. These guys from Montpellier (seems like many good French bands are hailing from here – see my other reviews) are making rock and inroads since forming in 2009. Classed as melodic death metal or thrash I feel this genre is progressing into darker tones yet keeping clear production. The under 5 minute length of most songs is attractive and a good strategic selling move for this record.

Shape Shifter’s radio intro and pounding drums is awesome. The guitar is crisp and clear all through this piece and nothing is overshadowed. The In Flames type harmonies are excellent and I’m glad they give reference to their likes on their FB page.

The Threshold: pushing my threshold of like with its disjointed frenetic beat but needs to be on here for the die-hards.

One of the fastest drum beats I’ve heard in the opener in Unveiled Insanity is amazing to listen to! The song itself is well characterized and solid in every respect. Great harmonies and vox in Human Drift and Fear of Terror is my favorite on this record; partially because it’s more power metal a la Primal Fear, but the song is overall great. State of Mind keeps this power vein going and is my 2nd favourite.

The Butchers…wow….

Destroyed Lands receives a 10/10 for solo song that best represents this genre. It’s got everything including some of the best arrangements and changes I’ve heard.

Grey City is so-so for me; somewhat out of place on the album for the vibe I’ve gotten so far.

I love the dual axe attack/break at about 1:50 onwards in Anosmic Bat – some great chugga-chugga there, and it’s always good to hear that knowing heads will bang at a concert.

This band is hugely representative of the ongoing changes in these genres and of the skill of some professional players out there. Hope to see more of them!

Overall: 9.5/10!

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