Review: Horizon Of The Mute – Trobar Clus

HOTM is a doom/drone project of Jani Koskela. After a mini-album saw the light in March 2016, Trobar Clus is its full-length follow up. One thing stands very strongly: The cover art of Péter Takács and likewise the logo, is amazing! It creates expectations of a sci-fi doom movie.

The expectations partly come true. The music is doom as hell; slow, dark, melodic and with a harsh deathgrunt. The title of the four songs hint towards some fantasy world (Above Deep Waters, Inwardly Increasing Cosmos, Marcabru Speaks, Sestina). Also the use of electronics give an otherworldly hint. Yet, in movie, there is a storyline and development.

The long songs, mostly more than 10 minutes, have enough space for this development, but only in Marcabru Speaks, there is some build up and change in music. Most of the time however the music is more or less the same. Nice atmosphere alright, but I would not mind hearing a bit more growth in the music. The last song, Sestina, has a different sound, but goes on for a long time. Boredom is just around the corner. Musically it stands strong though, and because of that it is a good atmospheric hear. But for renewing, evolving music, you will be at the wrong address with Horizon Of The Mute. There is potential enough however and I am curious for a next record.

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