Review: Veislakt – Fumar Mata

I don’t know whether to run screaming off a bridge or sit and listen on a bad mood day, but this album definitely has an effect of some kind on me! I would class this as Ultra- Punk (if people can make stuff up, I’m going to as well), not metal, but there are some hints of others stuff in there. I was expecting a chainsaw sound somewhere…

The boys from Sandes, Norway have a sound that is perfectly muffled as is the norm for this genre and the screamo-type vox are gravelly, incensed and ready to eat your face. Brash and un-relenting with shorter songs such as the pulsing NAV at 1:48, the 2:16 Derfor and the ultra-chaotic 3:12 opus Sjarm ren gives us a look at the energy in these guys. Flammer over is longer at 4:21 and is actually a bit better and likeable with some moderate rhythm strewn in. Hjerteban is my favourite! There is some great Sex Pistols homage in there and a rousting rhythm. Kaos Uden is probably my second favourite as it has more of an older Rob Zombie groove-vibe to it.

Lil mari is the surprise track I actually like on this record, because of the small vestiges of Tragically Hip chords I heard at the very beginning; maybe it’s a Hip cover track, I don’t know I don’t speak the language.

Their FB page has some limited pix but you can form an opinion that they like to have fun onstage and are blessed with lots of energy. I miss the clacking sound of a jiggling cassette too! Great touch! I also would have expected a little more energy on stage for this style of music; hell I’m half a century and I move better than that! Well, from the hand-cam shot footage anyway, maybe the stage was too small or they were having a slow day.

Just to show the love, I voted on your poll!

Overall not the greatest piece I’ve heard, but again what do I know about playing. They look like they love their stuff and hammering it with as much energy as possible. This is good to see a band that looks like they’re having fun with all and enjoying the ride. I’d have to be in a correct mood for this and it wouldn’t make a mixtape presently.

7/10 today, maybe 7.5 on a bad mood day.

Veislakt Facebook

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