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German metallers Precipitation just released their latest album The Power Of… . DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen asks them some questions. Read it below.

Hi Precipitation! How did you choose your name and what’s the story behind it?

Hi Tim! Finding a name was a long term discussion when we started. We wanted it to represent what we want to be as well as what we are doing.

The name Precipitation slowly took over our thoughts about what a name should be like.

When you research it you’ll find plenty of meanings and translations depending on which topic you refer but for us it’s more “esoterically” a state of mind. If you want to create something, do it – that’s how we want to make our music and how we did everything so far.

In your music there are a lot of different styles to discover. When someone asks you to describe your music, how would you describe it?

That pretty much depends on which song you’re looking at. The songs are mostly independent pieces of art for us, even if we refer some of them musically and lyrically to other ones, but the base elements definitely come from melodic death.

What are the influences of Precipitation, in music ways and non-music ways?

There are many different genres we listened to over the years and some of them are influencing our songwriting for sure. This is a cool thing and pretty much what music should be like for us.

When we started there was a lot of blues music present for us and you’ll probably hear it if you listen to some of the guitar solos so far. In the future there will be other or rather more influences coming into our songs to be recognized.

Lyrically the songs are about human abysses and philosophical questions but never supporting political or religious intentions. Time will tell what the future of our music and lyrics will be like we’ll stay open minded for new ways, styles and feelings.

Your new album is called The Power Of…, and in your booklet you also mention the power of precipitation. The album is very powerful, but I think you meant it another way. What do you mean with the power of precipitation?

The Power Of… stands vicariously for the will-power and effort everyone should invest in his goals as well as to raise awareness that there are powerful things surrounding us all the time we should think about.

In early November you had your release party of The Power Of…, how did the audience respond?

The release show was a really memorable night for us. There have been lots of friends and cool new people we met, nice bands and staff. Everyone was in a good mood and the feedback we got was all good! Shows like that really keep us on track and motivated for more.

What is the response thus far of The Power Of…, besides the audience at the release party?

We had a couple of good reviews so far from magazines and no one so far told us that they don’t like our music at all. We’re happy it’s very positive until now.

You already announced some gigs in the future, can we expect more of them?

Yeah, if you ask us, it’s like that we want to play at least 2 shows every weekend.
We’re putting a lot of effort into the booking and since we played more than 50 shows over the last 2 years and released The Power Of… we’re more and more recognized.
As mentioned before we are motivated as never before to play shows. We hope to go touring as soon as possible, that’s pretty much the next big step we’re looking at besides writing our second album.

Any other future plans for Precipitation?

The plan is to keep on doing whatever we can do. Playing instruments and writing songs besides studying and having a social life can be hard but we keep on doing music together for sure as long as possible!

What do you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Thanks for everyone who’s been reading that interview up to this point. We’re grateful for everyone who gives our music a try and want to thank everyone supporting us. If you like our music help us to spread the word. Karma’s going to pay it back one day.

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