Live review: Orphaned Land at Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November 18th 2016

So, Orphaned Land played in Baroeg on Friday November 18th, and it was lucky for me since there’s a bus stop near my house that goes straight to that venue.

The band themselves hail from Israel, and play a mixture between metal and middle eastern music with a strong pacifist message. They even have fans from Palestina!

Unfortunately I worked overtime that day so I had to miss the opening bands, but I was on time to find a good spot for Orphaned Land.

They immediately opened with the title track from their latest album, All is One, a song that has a message of unity between religions instead of letting it divide us. They played as tight as on the album, which I find a big plus. Some bands are sloppy sometimes.

As the third song they played Let the Truce be Known that’s about children in war zones playing together on the streets. I will admit, I cried a bit both because of the lyrics and the beauty of the music.

They also played one of my other favorites, Brother, which is about the fight between Isaac and Ishmael as known from the Bible, Torah and Quran.

Deep lyrics, such as “You did nothing wrong, yet took all the shame, I suffered myself, yet I am to blame”.

Makes you stop and think.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time after the show to hang with the band because I had a bus to catch (try to find a net big enough to fit a bus in).

Some things I noticed during the show:
– the left guitarist was flirting with some girls in the audience during the show, didn’t affect his playing fortunately.
– the band seemed to enjoy the show as much as I did.
– the singer made some fun of the fact that he’s getting fatter.
– the audience was really tame, not something I expect during a metal show.
– the same guitarist also had a blue PRS Custom 24 with an animal print strap, almost the same guitar as my favorite guitar.

All in all, if you ever have the chance to see this band, do it. You won’t regret it!

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