Review: Dog’N’Style – Pub’s Calling

From the opening riffs of The Best Of Me to the closing rocker of 10 Couple of Beers, (10 Couple of Beers…lmao; can relate to that can’t we?) this album kept me hammering the desk, stomping my feet much to my neighbors chagrin and throwing shit in between. This is an outstanding rocker, full of fun and party tones, a definite mixtape maker.

Title track. Simply a pleasure to listen to. Reminds me, gotta hit the pub and tell the DJ to play this.

Before I go on, that break in 10 Couple of Beers at 2:29…wow; a shaker! Love it!

These guys, hailing from Epinal, France, (c’est tres bon!) classed as heavy rock n roll (finally, something accurate and existent!) make my new favourites with my personal fave I Did Something Bad, with to-the-point-playing and great harmonies. This song makes it a loud one, every time, no matter who’s sleeping in the house. I will get kicked about for doing that but this level of great heavy rock n roll can’t be played low.

Mad Motorcycle takes over with high powered beats and amazing licks all through. The vox, production and concert entertainment value of this song, nay, album makes it a definite Christmas buy and then on Boxing Day too.

Night Losers has an amazing hook and the end scream and finale at 2:47 onwards, makes that a ringtone worthy pounder. Running Out, the ‘slow song’, is good but you can hear them bursting at the seams to get faster. The chorus is nice and shows exciting promise for more ballads. After all, rockers make the best slow songs, n’est pas?

To take 4:48 to clarify to Never Trust An Asshole is absolutely awesome. It is done in a truly melodically surprising way and this song will make me a sensation when I introduce it to some of the lame-O so called modern ‘metal’ events I see. The muffled break intro and the riffing at 2:20 is another ringtone; this is just cool stuff; the rhythm and speed changes make this my 2nd favourite and so it should be your first. Great stuff boys!

This is the best rock I’ve heard in a long while that doesn’t go over to prog and slide into death-goth-depressive-metal. Straightforward intent here and can easily dress for any occasion requiring a pair of jeans or a suit and tie. The music is superb and well-engineered and the name brand of this band is ultra-cool.

Coming to Canada anytime soon?


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