Review: Inire – Cauchemar

Giving my countrymen from Quebec a perfect score is completely self serving so I can’t, as much as I want to. This is a completely punch-driven record, filled with great vox and extensive writing. The music is superb and very inspiring. This is a sit around the apartment and eat pizza or clean the apartment completely record. Selected tracks like Endless (my favourite track!), and the hyper-frantic Crash (…the intro scream from 00:10 on is OFF the hook) are amazing for working out and lifting big weights.

The slow down with Hell Is Us is completely misleading and cuts into a ripper that is making it to my SpeedTrap mixtape. Killer tune complete with gut hook riffs and concert chorus beauties. The vox are always on the edge of ultra-rasp, but remain in that perfect realm. “Hell….is…..Usssssssss!!!” Simply great!

Far from Anything seems like a soulful slow’un but on par lyrically with anything rock-driven out there. Harmonies are perfect and these guys can sing. This is still a solid rocker.

The intro to Wide Awake is amazing and brings you into that state if you weren’t already. A ringtone also! The riffing and strumming at 3:28 is gripping and powerful.

The midpoint Lord of the Flies en francais, is a smart slow break cutting into the smouldering Burn. The song title says enough and it has made the SpeedTrap mixtape. You can’t go wrong with ‘Burn! Burn!’ as a concert sing along. The guitar attacks are reminiscent of UFO and Accept and I love them for it.

Into the Labyrinth. Very, very cool.

The title track is immediate Godsmack, Headstones, Creed, Killswitch Engage, Kreator, Testament all rolled into one blistering emotional turn up of the stereo to 11.

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