Review: Putrisect/Scorched – Final State Of Existence

As I understood, this is a collaborative split album between two bands (half of the album is done by one band and the other half by the other band), and might I add this album is badass.

This album represents all styles of early death metal combined in one album, there is Cannibal Corpse influences, Death influences, Obituary influences etc. And it seems like every song is a sort of a tribute to one of the early bands of death metal, or that can be just my imagination. The two halves of the album have it all, all the aspects of death metal all of us love in one place. There is atmospheric parts, there is fast blast beats, blazing solos and slow almost slam sounding riffs. In general the quality of the recording is great and all of the instruments can be heard clearly.

The issue I have with this release is the sometimes low level of the vocals, while most modern bands have a problem of having the vocals too high in the mix here it is the reverse. Especially in the first part of the album the vocals are a little bit too low most of the time, but for me it did not ruin the experience of the album as a whole. I truly am waiting for the full releases of the two bands and hope it will be as great as this split album is. I give it 9/10.

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