Interview: Sunterra

On January 20th, Austrian band Sunterra will release their new album, called Reborn. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviews bassplayer Chris, read it below.

For people who don’t know what Sunterra sounds like, how would you describe your music?

Actually our music is a symbiosis of old-school heavy guitars, male grunts, female voice an electronically related music like trip hop, dub step or techno.

In 2006, Sunterra decided to take a break for an uncertain period, now you’re back. What was the reason to decide this was the right time to come back?

The reason whipping out Sunterra from the tomb is, that we’re looking for new challenge. We missed the stage and the audience for the last years. And, of course, our personal drive to create something unique.

Compared to the last lineup (before the break), there is one lineup change. Now, guitarist/programmer Ivan is part of Sunterra, how did you met him?

Ivan answered on an insertion, posted by us to find new musicians.

What made you decide he is the right one for this job?

I don’t know, perhaps the chemicals between us worked and we felt his capability.

In January, you will release Reborn, what are the differences compared to your early albums?

One essential difference is, that we us electronic parts, drums & synths. It’s a new ground for us, but we like to experiment and the challenge, that comes with new styles.

What are the lyrics about on Reborn?

The topic is an old one, like you know it from Orwell’s novel 1984. But it is also an actual one, if we’re looking on our today’s society. Reborn deals with the uprising of old gods, with supervision of thoughts and feelings and also with the hope for a new start.

What is the story behind the cover of Reborn?

The Egypt goddess Isis was worshipped as the goddess of death and reincarnation. If you drop this myth on Sunterra’s history, then she can also be responsible for our restart.

Can we expect some touring in the near future?

I don’t know. Actually we’re working on new material for our next output. But if bookers contact us for tours or concerts, we definitely don’t say no.

Is there something you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Have fun with our new album Reborn and check out our old material.

Sunterra Official Website
Sunterra Facebook

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