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On January 13th, German power metallers Victorius will release their album Heart Of The Phoenix. DutchMetalManiac’s Don Anelli already reviewed it (read it here) and now you can read his interview with Victorius’ guitarplayer/songwriter Dirk Scharsich below.

For fans who are just getting exposed to your work right now, how would you explain your music to them?

Fast, catchy, and all in all melodic metal music with clear vocals and typical ridiculous lyrics.

So, you have a new album coming out soon. What preview can you give us to expect from the release?

I would say that this is our best album so far. Of course every band says this about new records, but in our case it’s true, ha! This time we just did what we wanted to do. We did not think much about “this must sound like this and that and blabla”. We just plugged in our guitars and started to write the music we like so to say.

Do you have a favorite track off the album? What makes it special for you?

My personal favorites are Hero and Empire of the Dragonking, the 2 singles for the album. In my opinion these 2 songs are typical Victorius songs. Fast, catchy and great melody-lines.

This was recorded at KR Studio. Why did you decide to record there?

We recorded the previous 2 albums there, so it felt natural to do it once more. Never change a winning team!

Why did you decide to work once again with producer Lars Rettkowitz? Did his experience with the band bring out anything special to the material while you were recording?

As said we worked with him on the previous 2 albums. He is a great guy and producer and treats us like a big brother. The fact that he is the guitar player for another super melodic happy power metal band (Freedom Call) brings also fresh but very well-fitting influences into our music.

You’ve recently had some big tours with artists like Freedom Call, Van Canto and Grailknights. What were those experiences like?

Never go on stage while the headliner is still doing soundcheck! 😀 No just fun. Well I would say tours and shows like that are much more professional. You play in front of way more people than you usually do as a young upcoming band. You know you must deliver a killer show and play as tight as possible.

What plans do you have to promote the album as far as tours or videos?

Tours and videos ;-). And of course interviews. I don´t know what else to do than these things 😀

So, we’ll end this on a fun note. What’s your all-time favorite track to play live?

Blood Alliance from our Dreamchaser album. It’s the slowest and heaviest song in our liveset. It’s kinda easy to play on the guitar so I can pose alot, walk around on stage and make fun on the other bandmembers 😛

Do you have a special message for DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Thanks a lot for this interview! I hope you will check out our band, like it, and maybe even buy our new album (and all the old ones too, haha!).

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