Review: Aratron – Darkness Is Coming

A happy 2017 to all and this first review of me celebrates all good things with doom/boom/ka-choom metal. The quartet from Sliedrecht, South Holland, despite some lineup changes, have done ok for a long time with at least 3 other releases. Their newest is solid and guttural; mostly ‘guittaral’ (my own made up word here) as the axes seem to take over the sound. Vox is nearly non-existent and is too bad, as the album is powerful and has some great rhythms. Lead singer Ronald even notes others have ganged up on his vox as is shown on their Fb page, and takes it quite good humouredly.

The about 2 second bassline into Primal Shrine was good. The rest: meh.

Impressed as I was with the album getting better, it’s a frigid uphill climb for me, but lovers of “Traumatizing Thrash Metal’ (haha love that one) will enjoy it immensely. Slow Decay actually rocks with some glimmer of crunching power chords and some good slower tempos.

The Glory of Chaos is great! An outstanding intro and my favourite song here. Decent playing with some reminding of Slayer, Razor and Overkill for my likings. The axe work at about 03:36 kicks and there will definitely be happy times for those in their concert mosh. This is speed metal not thrash and very articulate. The outro at 04:46 to end is classic and puts some nice finishing nails into the woodwork.

The rest of the songs are good and the titles are cool, lending themselves to some underpinnings in prog rock, due to the lengthier ones, such as The Dark Curse; a 6:25 plodding, moody, somewhat repetitive piece which is very good. I hear VoiVod in there and it impresses me. Again the near-absence of the voice is too bad as some lyrics would be nice. And since there’s not many liner notes anymore….

Overall, I find this a good album and worthy of a buy. If the band can keep up with the personnel changes then they will get some traction and move forward, I think. Turn the mixing knobs and get that voice back in there lads!


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