Review: L’Homme Absurde – Monsters

The great thing about ‘post-black’ music is that you never quite know what to expect. L’Homme Absurde takes known and unknown paths in their debut album Monsters.
Opener Sold is just very, very nice. Melodic, dark and with a hook. The guitar riffs are simple yet accelerating and the combination with the drums is great.
Second song Villains gets to the point where the black metal is just a bit too long for my taste…and just at that thought it changes and different sound kicks in. And then another change! The screams and grunts are a red line in the whole, but different musical takes make the sound more interesting.
Apathy is a place of calm refuge in the disturbing world of L’Homme Absurde. Well.. at least the first two minutes it is. Then the darkness erupts again.
Disillusion is almost the longest track on the album, spinning over seven minutes. The interesting thing about the album is that the music can get to the point of annoyance, but always just when it gets to that point, there is a change. Where Villains started with a calm guitar melody, Disillusion ends with it, making connections again with the thematic approach on the album.
Next in line is the longest and best track on the album, Wanderer moods change, the balance is amazing and the emotions are getting under your skin.
The song Strayed has tunes that make me think of The Cure, or -a bit more recent- Nada Surf. These parts make that I believe that post-black has a great future, because it turns its back toward all ‘traditions’ in the genre and combines black with (post-)rock influences, making it interesting for a broader audience.
Basically the last two songs do not add any difference to the album besides ten minutes more of the nice spectrum of L’Homme Absurde.
Monsters is a nice debut showing that L’Homme Absurde has the guts to mix traditional black with post-rock/wave sounds. If they would dare to work this out even more in a next album they can really be an addition to the existing post-black legion.

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