Review: +MROME+ – Noetic Collision On The Roof Of Hell

While scouring these guys up on the ‘Net, I didn’t expect to find a duo from Andrychow, Poland doing such cool work. It’s hard to tell anymore who’s a band or just a bunch of 0’s and 1’s, but whatever gets the sales or fuels your artistic needs, I suppose.

From my quick searches, Key V on guitar, vox and programming and P on drums seem to make it work. Perhaps this is a start of a new genre of ‘Techno-Metal?’ Nah! This is ok for a one-off but it won’t have a 40 album collection like Deep Purple. Check out the interesting liner on their Bandcamp page about…the world. The title of your next album should be “Rebels, Dandy Bums and Filth Lovers.” Love it! There is good lyrical content here and the writing needs to be commended on its own merits.

Nicely balanced production and articulate sounds! Colors is excellent even though I was hoping for a cover tune of Ice-T’s. Talking of covers, I was pleasantly surprised to see a cover of Danzig’s How the Gods Kill. This is a superb rendition, coarse and throaty and a great homage to the original. Well done and a 9/10 on that tune alone!

The opening salvo of Locust Follows Word is refreshingly speed metal with a wall of slow grinding power metal afterwards. A very good tune that leaves me satisfied. Pssht! Next cold beer please!

This is a great album and fares better than some that have a full band. I’m mixed about it as I prefer and want to see a full band (as I’m sure all aspiring musicians want to see also) but the musical composition can’t be denied. It’s powerful, dark and really, who will think about whether this is created electronically or done by a band? I would like to see it done by a live band, but not willing to go see a Chemical Brothers setup for metal.


+MROME+ Bandcamp

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